TR Services has been trading since 1991 (then as TR Scaffolding Ltd) as a joint venture project to the construction industry with the founders of TR Demolition and Alan Clark. The companies went their seperate ways in the mid 1990’s with Alan continuing at the helm.

Alan initially grew the business on the basis the industry needed a fresh approach to scaffolding and temporary works where doing the job ‘right’ was more important than doing it as cheap as possible. Rather than limit the company to just pursuing traditional access scaffolding contracts, Alan set about diversifying the business by using his engineering design expertise and looking at ways of using scaffolding techniques and proprietary equipment to overcome customer’s problems. Customers would be delighted when enthusiastically presented with technical drawings to illustrate how problems would be solved and the business continued to grow in reputation through out the South West.

TR Services became involved within the TV/ media industry by applying the same enthusiastic approach and quickly became well known in media circles as the company that can solve problems. An important aspect became the ability to operate in a non stereotypical manner which continues to blight the scaffolding industry today. A professional, enthusiastic, pro-active and most importantly ‘can-do’ attitude suited the style of site managers, surveyors, producers and design managers and contracts were acquired with productions such as Casualty, Antiques Road Show and the National Lottery.